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te aro coffee roasters in Toronto

(HealthCastle.com) I have a soft spot for many so-called ‘sin’ foods like gummy bears, chocolate, wine, French fries, and bacon but the one I can’t live without is coffee.

I love the look of it, the smell of it, the ritual of setting up my coffee maker and hearing the familiar gurgling sound of it coming to life the next morning as it brews my favorite cup of Joe.

Not only do I love making coffee at home, but also I love to scope out what’s referred to as third wave coffee shops for that special experience.

They are the third wave, or phase, of coffee shops. First were the independent coffee shops that only sold drip coffee that often sat in carafes for hours, which was often served with pie or cake. Not fancy, but also not known for quality coffee. The second wave was the franchises like Second Cup, Timothy’s, Tim Horton’s, Coffee Time and later Starbucks.Inside view of Te aro coffee roasters in Toronto

Third wave coffee shops are those independent boutiques where they’ve returned to basics by offering coffee as it’s been traditionally made for centuries using artisan coffee beans in a no nonsense fashion. This includes drip, espresso, Americano, cappuccino, iced coffee, latte, etc. as well as teas, both hot and cold and old fashioned cold beverages like lemonade in the late spring and summer. Beans are roasted fresh, in small batches, in their on-site coffee roaster too. Does it get any better than that?

Absent are yogurt, bottled smoothies, prepackaged sandwiches, gum, mints, and the seemingly endless array of blended coffee beverages which resemble coffee-flavored milkshakes, literally. Often with 500 calories or more, these coffee beverages are a far cry from their simple origins from a coffee bean.

One of my favorite haunts is a coffee shop called Te Aro Coffee Roasters, not far from where I live in Leslieville, at 983 Queen Street East [between Pape and Carlaw]. It’s located in a former auto-body shop that’s been transformed into a very stylish hangout. The rolling all-glass garage door is opened during the spring and summer, if it’s not too hot, and has a wonderful patio; perfect to people watching. When I feel like a treat, I have one of their large coconut macaroons, half dipped in dark chocolate. Yum!

What’s really cool about Te Aro Coffee Roasters is that they have free demonstrations on coffee cuppings or brew methods where you get to see the countless ways coffee is prepared and served around the world.  Best of all, they have a great selection of artisan coffees prepared as coffee should be; simply, without all the bells and whistles, allowing the patron to enjoy and savor the aroma and flavors that are uniquely coffee.
coffee offered for sale at Te aro coffee roasters

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