Tired Of Your Exercise Routine? You're Not Alone

TRX training

(HealthCastle.com) I have been trying to live an active lifestyle for most of my life. Incorporating exercise and activity on a weekly basis isn’t that difficult but one thing is certain for sure; if the activity isn’t enjoyable, then the likelihood of staying with it is slim.

Being active and having fun

Over the years I’ve tried a variety of exercise including cross-country jogging, swimming, weight lifting, yoga, circuit training such as Body Pump, spinning, tennis and boxing. The ones I stuck with were ones that I really enjoyed, not just because of the instructors [although that plays a huge role] but because the exercise was a good fit for me.

Regardless of how enjoyable an activity is, eventually boredom sets in. I used to LOVE spinning. It was my go-to exercise for years; at my peak I was going to four classes per week. I loved the instructor who motivated me to push myself, I loved his selection of music, and I loved the feeling of accomplishment as evidenced my level of sweating!

Despite my passion for this form of exercise, I grew tired of it. I gave it up for over six months as I tried something new. I eventually went back to spinning but only to do a handful of classes over a couple of months and then another four month break.

More recently, I’ve been just doing weight lifting for the majority of my exercise, but again, this has grown tiresome; twenty minutes feels like two hours. I knew something had to change

Kettle bell and TRX Training

I recently shook things up with a 3 week trial for $20 at a gym in my neighbourhood: Energy X Change in South Riverdale, Toronto. They refer to themselves as ‘the ungym’, a fitness facility without all the dumbbells and barbells, no free weights or weight machines. Their focus is on what’s referred to as functional training, muscle confusion and the mind/body connection.

I’ve been trying a variety of classes but one of the more challenging was Kettle bell and TRX training; a blend of kettle bell exercises which build strength, endurance, and cardio which engages the back, legs, shoulders and abdomen.

TRX originated with the Navy Seals and involves suspension training using body weight exercises to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously – incredible.

Shaking it up

Trying something new was just what I needed to get me out of my fitness slump. An interesting 'side effect' of trying new forms of activities is that I am now also back to spinning; the enjoyment factor of the new classes reminded me that I do like spinning. The apparent ambivalence was really just a general 'meh' versus a permanent break-up. 

Change is good

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