New Line Of Crackers Raises The Bar. Quinoa Skinny Crackers By Enerjive

Quinoa based gluten free chocolate crackers

( They’re finally here! It’s been almost a year since I met co-founder and President, Korey Kealey, of EnerjiVe Food™; a company that makes a line of unique foods that are as delicious as they are nutritious. Their attention to detail is what makes them a standout. Built on the strict criteria of both Korey Kealey, and her business partner, Dr Joel Villeneuve ND, the products are

• High fiber
• High protein
• Low glycemic index
• Naturally sweetened with maple syrup
• NO trans fats, salt or chemical preservatives
• Locally sourced ( where possible)
• Easily digestible
• Allergen and food sensitivity-aware
• Certified gluten free, free from: wheat, peanuts, corn, and yeast, refined sugar with no added dairy or eggs.
• Vegan, kosher, macrobiotic friendly

While not all of their products are available in Toronto yet, (but they can be purchased online), their Quinoa Skinny Crackers™ are.  Unlike most crackers you’ll find in the grocery store, these are not made from refined white flour or made with a mix of white flour with added semi-refined grain or whole wheat flour mixed in, masquerading as a healthy product. Likewise, the enerjiVe™ crackers are free of trans fats or other modified oils; my advice is to put down any cracker, or food for that matter, whenever you read the word ‘modified’ or ‘fractionated’ in front of an oil. For example ‘fractionated sunflower oil’ may sound good because it comes from sunflower seeds but unlike the fat naturally found in sunflower seeds, it’s been structurally altered and the fact is, we don’t know if these added fats are going to be a problem in the long run. The jury is still out.

I love the Chocolate Fix. It’s a great way to get the fantastic taste of chocolate along with some whole grains, seeds and an amazing crunch that will satisfy any craving. It’s hard to go wrong with ingredients like chocolate, millet and buckwheat flour, quinoa flakes, pumpkin, sesame, ground flax and sunflower seeds, and maple syrup. So my only question is: what are you waiting for? Go to the nearest Longo’s today!

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