Bioflavia Organic Red Wine Grape Skin Powder

( Product: Bioflavia Organic Red Wine Grape Skin Powder

Manufacturer: South Brook Vineyards

The Position: a source of antioxidants for the maintenance of good health

Ingredients: 90% organic grape skin powder, 7% organic grape powder and 3% Vitamin C

Polyphenols. Fruits and vegetables are full of them

Analysis: By now, many are familiar with words like antioxidants and phytochemicals; they’ve become part of our everyday vernacular. The cells and tissues of our bodies are susceptible to damage from things like pollution, smoking, excess alcohol, pesticides and byproducts of normal metabolism.

Luckily our bodies are capable of producing protection against this, enter antioxidants. Antioxidants are also found abundantly in foods, primarily fruits & vegetables.

The largest class of plant-based antioxidants are polyphenols; within that are a subclass called flavonoids and these are found plentifully in the skin and seeds of grapes.

Bioflavia is a concentrated source of grape and grape skin polyphenols. This intensely deep purple-coloured powder starts with organic red wine grapes and is derived from the pomace, or mushy pulp left over after the grapes have been crushed for wine making; normally thrown out, this byproduct has been transformed into a phytochemical-rich whole-food based supplement.

Grape polyphenols have a fairly robust body of research supporting their role in reducing markers of inflammation, reducing the risk cardiovascular disease, cancer, and may protect against vascular dementia like Alzheimer’s.

What I love about this product, besides the quality, is the ease of use. Like other powder juice-based products, this can easily be stirred into water, juice, and smoothies. The point to remember is that bioflavia isn’t meant to replace fruits and vegetables but rather complement other healthy food choices making it easier to meet your daily quota, all for a mere 30 calories per serving and 300 mg of vitamin C.

Alternative: you could try to eat several more servings of fruits & vegetables per day.

Take it or leave it: this is a keeper for sure; high quality, concentrated source of polyphenols and equally, if not more important to the consumer, very easy to use.

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